D4 is

D4 is

D4 is

A leadership journey

Discover your leadership potential. We all have an untapped leadership potential – we just need to tap into it, bring it to the surface.


Develop your leadership potential. Use your strengths, develop your blind spots, accept your weaknesses and master your “dark side”


Deploy your leadership potential. “Stand up and be counted”; take the risk of being “disliked” or being seen as “acting out of one’s place” and using your leadership practices in “real” situations.


Drive transformation. Aligning vision, mission, objectives, projects, activities, tasks and day-to-day leadership acts to drive personal, organisational or societal transformation.

Holistic in its approach to leadership


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Integrating 4 dimensions

Head – understanding the leadership challenges to be faced, and being skilled in the approaches and tools needed to be successful


Heart – identifying, assessing, and understanding one’s emotions and those of others, in order to engage individuals and groups, and remain personally committed


Body - awareness and use of one’s body reactions in order to support overall health and wellbeing, lessen stress and signal information about safety and comfort


Soul - accessing and using meaning, vision and values in one’s thinking and decisions to build understanding, trust and confidence, particularly in times of change


D4 is


A small network of globally experienced leadership practitioners

Who have worked together for more than 10 years

Who share a common vision of driving leadership through the proven D4 approach

For more information contact: boblarcher@boblarcher.com