In over 30 years I have designed and facilitated in excess of 3000 days of "right first time" interventions; over 600 seminars, workshops, forums, programmes and courses ranging from one to ten days in duration as well as around 1000 hours of face-to-face coaching. I have worked (and still work) at all organisational levels from junior and middle managers up to senior executives, helping people, both individually and collectively, to discover, develop and deploy their leadership capacity. Although the majority of my 30 years of experience has been within the private sector, I have also worked with civil servants, charities, business schools and social entrepreneurs.

I have experimented with virtually all the major leadership models and approaches and today I focus on what I call D4 Leadership; helping leaders (and would be leaders) to make a difference. I help people to discover, develop and deploy their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions in order to drive organisational and societal transformations.

I have a client centred, issues based approach and have (so I have been told) developed a reputation for providing clear, simple and memorable examples with which to significantly improve individual, team, managerial and organisational performance.

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Based in France, where I design and facilitate programmes for a range of international clients. I have intervened on management programmes in Denmark, Greece, Germany and Spain as well as all over the UK and France and have developed a network of highly experienced international consultants.


My aim is to develop excellence in leadership, not just good or ok leadership but true excellence in the way people think, speak and act. Developing leadership capacities that will really shape and develop the way organisations (and maybe society) operate

I am a member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning (I am an Accredited Practitioner - APIOL) and the European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE). I work in both English and French and have had a number of management development related articles published in both French and British magazines. I am an accredited user of Insights, ILM72 & MTQ4 and have been trained in the use of MBTI. I am also familiar with a wide range of personality and leadership inventories such as the Belbin team role inventory, the Kouzes and Posner LPI, Hofstede’s CWQ and Gallup’s Strength Finders.

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