Mental Toughness and self-awareness

Mental Toughness is the attitude that gives us the confidence to take on challenges and stay in control of our commitments

Feeling confident and in control of the situation and not giving up until the challenge is achieved can easily be seen as being self-centred, arrogant, stubborn and reckless

Self-awareness and Mental Toughness go very much hand-in-hand

It is your self-awareness that helps you to ensure that:

Making decisions about your life is not seen as being egocentric

Staying calm is not mistaken for being cold

Setting clear objectives is not seen as being pernickety

Delivering on commitments is not confused with being stubborn

Taking risks doesn’t label you as being reckless

Learning from everything isn’t seen as being obsessive

Your interpersonal confidence is not seen as arrogance

Confidence in your abilities does not lead you to being seen as a know-it-all

When you are head down in your daily storm, doing your best to stay aligned and focused, it easy to lose sight of how others perceive your actions

Perception is in the eye of the beholder; get regular feedback to check that your “positive intentions” are being seen as such.