D4 Leadership Development

For managers at all organisational levels


Future leader Incubators for young employees in their mid to late twenties, these seminars will provide participants with a thorough understanding of the key behavioural skills needed to become an effective manager and leader while enabling each individual to define his or her own personalised strategies for success.


First-time leader Accelerators for those in their mid-thirties taking on their first formal leadership role, these seminars provide an opportunity to take stock of their strengths and weaknesses while refining their skills and identifying their full potential.


Experienced leader Journeys for those in their mid-forties holding senior positions, participants will be seasoned leaders looking to “benchmark” their leadership strategies in order to increase their effectiveness in terms of organisational impact


Leader of leaders Retreats for senior to executive managers, who have been profiled, trained, developed, mentored and coached. An intense "here and now" experience providing insights into still untapped potential.

D4 Leadership coaching

Helping leaders to


Create greater self-awareness and support transitions into new roles


Develop interpersonal, relational, and leadership skills


Challenge frames of reference, attitudes, and mindsets


Build  confidence in influencing without authority and creating change


Deal with problems, derailers and patterns of ineffective behaviour


Understand the impact of 360° feedback


Prepare to deal with high profile events



D4 Leadership teambuilding

For leadership teams at all stages of their development


Kick Off seminars for new or relatively new teams, with the objectives of getting the team off on "the right footing" and identifying solutions to potential problems.


Performance Improvement seminars for teams experiencing serious performance problems. These seminars provide team members with an opportunity to take time out to work through performance barriers.


Team Development seminars for teams with a working history, who need to capitalise on team successes and identify strategies for increased team performance.


Best Practice seminars for teams at or near the end of their life, these seminars are designed to identify transferable best practice (and pitfalls to avoid) to other teams.

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