What do attitude, energy and awareness have in common?

Leadership is defined as:

“the ability of an individual to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute to the effectiveness and success of the organisations of which they are members”


This is accomplished by mobilising Head, Heart, Body and Soul, in order to work, At, Through and With people to get things done

Attitude, energy and awareness are all key ingredients of leading in difficult situations

  • Attitude gives us the can do mindset to face up to our challenges
  • Energy gives us the stamina to get through the challenge
  • Awareness helps us to stay behaviourally aligned during the challenge


We need to feel Confident and in Control for full Commitment to overcome the Challenge


We need Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual energies to get through the challenge


We need to make sure that our determination & discipline are not seen as stubbornness and rigidity

Understanding our Mental Toughness can help us to develop our attitude

Understanding the importance of personal energy can help us to perform

Understanding our behavioural preferences can help us to be self-aware

When you are in the storm, attitude on its own is not enough, energy on its own is not enough and self-awareness on its own is not enough; however, you when you integrate all three, it’s then that you can navigate the storm

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