Mental Toughness is made up from Confidence, Commiment, Challeneg and Confidence; here are a couple of indicators for each of the Mental Toughness 4Cs


  • You feel you shape what happens. You understand that success is down to you and your attitude towards what you want to achieve.
  • You are difficult to provoke or annoy. You have a strong sense of emotional control and can choose how much of your emotional state you want to reveal to others.


  • You like goals and measures as they describe what success looks Providing the goal is reasonable and achievable, you will do what it takes to achieve it. You set high standards for yourself and others.
  • You like ownership, acceptance, and responsibility. You are judged by others for your reliability. They know they can trust you to ‘get it done’.


  • You actively look for challenges and enjoy taking the risk of moving out of your comfort zone.
  • You enjoy learning. You are motivated by achievement and constantly seek improvements and ways of doing things better.


  • You will stand your ground. You are not easily intimidated and have the confidence to face criticism. You easily engage in group activities.
  • You’re happy to ask questions. You are confident in your abilities so would never feel stupid asking questions. Asking questions helps increase your competence.


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