Leadership, as defined by the GLOBE study, is “one’s capacity to influence and motivate others to contribute to the success of the organisation they are part of” and two of the key characteristics are the willingness to take up a challenge and the ability to federate & align others around a common objective.

Leadership impact is about your ability to work at, with and through others to get stuff done.

Working AT others is about promoting action, working WITH others is about facilitating collective action and working THROUGH others is about empowering individual action.

If you want to increase your leadership impact you need to integrate four essential and interrelated leadership enablers; Leadership Attitude, Leadership Influence, Leadership Energy and Leadership Awareness.

Developing your Leadership Attitude will give you the self-confidence to take up a challenge and the self-control to stay committed to achieve success.

Growing your Leadership Influence will enable you to federate & align others around a common objective; a holistic approach to influencing will help you to influence “more people more often”; through the integration of rational arguments, emotional impact, physical action and values alignment.

Building your Leadership Energy will enable you to stay physically energised, emotionally connected, mentally focused and spiritually aligned during your leadership challenge(s).

Raising your Leadership Awareness will enable you to remain congruent between your actions & your words and ensure you are perceived in the way you want to be perceived.

Working on the above will contribute to you becoming a self-aware, proactive, influential and energised leader, able to achieve the transformations you are involved in, be they personal, organisational or societal.

I have been helping future, first-time and experienced leaders to discover, develop and deploy their full leadership potential for over 35 years now; if you think I could help you, your team or your organisation do not hesitate to contact me:

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