Mental Toughness contains four dimensions or constructs; Control, Commitment, Challenge and Confidence

Each of the “4Cs” contains two sub-dimensions:

  • Control contains Life Control & Emotional Control
  • Commitment contains Goal Orientation & Achievement Orientation
  • Challenge contains Risk Orientation & Learning Orientation
  • Confidence contains Interpersonal Confidence & Confidence in Abilities

It is important to get below the surface, not only of one’s global Mental Toughness, but also below the 4Cs in order to understand the interplay between the sub-dimensions

Today, the interplay between Life Control & Emotional Control

People low in both dimensions tend to let others decide for them and it’s often an emotional drama when it all goes wrong

Those high in Life Control but low in Emotional Control tend to make their own life decisions; however, when it goes bottom up everyone knows about it

Conversely, those low in Life Control but high in Emotional Control tend to follow the flow and not show their emotions when things go wrong

Those high in both Life Control and Emotional Control assume their decisions and very rarely allow their emotions to show

If you would like to read more about Mental Toughness, take a look here:

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