Without blowing my own trumpet, I like to think that I am quite good at what I do; I have been working with some of my clients for over 30 years – so I guess I must be doing something right.

I’ve been helping people to develop their leadership capacity for over 35 years now; I’ve coached, trained and facilitated over 3000 days of courses, programmes, workshops and seminars and off-sites throughout organisations – apprentices, supervisors, high potentials, first-line managers, middle & senior managers and executives; project teams, task forces, management teams ……

The majority of my work has been within the corporate sector but I have also worked with charities, start-ups, SMI’s and the public sector; I have worked widely in Europe and I do what I do either in English (my first language) or French (mon deuxième langue depuis presque 30 ans).

My Leadership Transformation Conversations are a mix of on-line coaching, training, advising and discussing around real leadership issues.

I can be used as a “sounding board”, a “sparring partner” or whatever it takes to enable you to get the solutions you need to solve your issues; be they personal, organisational or societal.

I am trained and accredited for a variety of “personality” questionnaires; leadership, mental toughness, team working, 360°’s, Jungian types ……. and I am familiar with most of the major “inventories” used within the world of people development.

I offer a “one-off” Leadership Transformation Conversation for those who simply need to sound out their ideas, through to a series of scheduled Leadership Transformation Conversations for those who feel the need for more depth and time to reflect on their issues.

The longer sessions can include

  • initial context alignment session
  • email and text messaging support
  • simulations
  • between-session “action plans”
  • in-promptu calls as needed
  • personality assessments and debriefings
  • journaling and goal tracking

Here are some things people have written on their coach assessment forms at the end of my coaching sessions with them

“Felt good right from the start, Bob created a good and trustworthy environment”

“Good and focussed feedback at the end of the role plays”

“Bob has really helped me in my development”

“From a very early point in the coaching I gained confidence and trust in the coach”

“Bob has a very down to earth and pragmatic approach”

“Bob provided some really useful insights as to how I could more effectively influence my stakeholders”

If you would like to get a feel of how I see leadership, then you can take a look here:

If you would like to engage in a Leadership Transformation Conversation, then do not hesitate to contact me by mail at


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